Eye on Injustice

NJCDLP's International Human Rights Advocacy

Opt IN USA is NJCDLP's U.S. foreign policy reform, judicial accountability, and international human rights campaign.  When the effort began in late 2015, NJCDLP’s volunteer directors and administrators had varying degrees of knowledge or expertise in regard to U.S. foreign policy and international human rights, but the organization was not a specialist in these matters.  Instead, its focus on the epidemiology of persistent U.S. legal system abuse and corresponding work as a judicial accountability specialist brought NJCDLP to spearhead Opt IN USA.

By October 2018, at Opt IN USA's behest, the UN Human Rights Council confirmed that America lacks effective avenues of redress for allegations of organized U.S. legal system abuse facilitated by unchecked judicial misconduct.  Earlier,  NJCDLP documented related patterns dubbed Judicial Engineering and, most famously, The Third Degree.  The entire phenomenon has come to be characterized as weaponization of America's legal system for which there is judicial impunity.             


NJCDLP is a proud member of  the Council of Organizations Executive Committee

(COO - an affiliate of UNA USA and the UNA Foundation) , Global Net 21, and the U.S. Human Rights Network

as well as a supporter of the C4UN (Coalition for the UN We Need was formerly UN2020).

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