Belinda Parker-Brown.jpg

Ms. Belinda Parker-Brown

  • Community Outreach Co-Director

  • Board of Directors, Member

  • Board of Directors, Executive Committee - Member

  • Subject Matter Expert:  Community Organizing and Mobilizing

Belinda Parker-Brown is an educator, researcher, life specialist, community organizer, and motivational speaker who has spent the majority of her career enhancing the potential of others. Diverse audiences have benefited greatly and responded enthusiastically to Mrs. Parker-Brown’s wealth of experiences. Mrs. Parker Brown is President/Chief Executive Officer of Louisiana United International, Inc. (LUI), one of NJCDLP's closet allies.  The two organizations are at the forefront of addressing America's response to the COVID-19 pandemic with regard to its incarcerated populations and the reality of U.S. political prisoners as international human rights concerns. 

LUI is a grassroots nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Louisiana, functioning as a membership-based civil, constitutional, and human rights advocate.  The organization, its leaders, and other active members work diligently to combat and expose public sector corruption within Louisiana. That work regularly calls for in-depth research and investigations as well as state-wide, national, and even international outreach.

LUI is a nonpartisan social justice organization.  The organization speaks for the person or group that cannot speak for himself, herself, and/or themselves.  LUI has a proven track record all across the State of Louisiana and beyond.  Its Co-Founder and CEO Parker Brown co-hosted a talk show called A Force for Justice and is a nationally recognized advocate.  She hosts the internet t.v. broadcast titled "Fight for Informed Compliance" as part of LUI's campaign against Predatory Policing.