Dr. Andrew D. Jackspm

Dr. Andrew D. Jackson

  • Co-Founder

  • Board of Directors, Treasurer

  • Board of Directors, Executive Committee - Member

  • Co-Administrator of NJCDLP's Golden Badge

  • Subject Matter Expert:  Historical Precedent

Dr. Andrew D. Jackson is a NJCDLP founding director as well as Executive Committee Board Member.  He has a Master's in History from Purdue University and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from UIC John Marshall Law School in addition to his dual, Bachelor of Arts degrees, one in History with the other in Philosophy from St. Joseph's College.  Dr. Jackson has been involved in U.S. legal system reform advocacy since 1997.

Prior to his work in legal reform, Dr. Jackson traveled to "far places", interviewing historical figures, doing research, consulting, and otherwise. After graduating law school, Jackson practiced both civil and criminal law, served as a city Public Defender, and is no stranger to the many kinds of complaints emanating from the U.S. legal/judicial reform community.